Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Chinese Dragon Woman who seeks the Impossible Man

It has been a while since I last updated this blog.

This article about a modern age gold-digger grabbed my attention, for obvious reasons, as it fits in well with a stereotype that I have now developed as a result of my experience being married to a Chinese born wife.

This stereotype is neither politically correct nor fair, but unfortunately it is what it is, and stories like the one below only add fuel to my admittedly irrational conviction.

My saga has unfortunately gone from bad to worse, and I will elaborate on this when I have enough strength to, but for now what I can say is that I have not seen my son in almost a month.

In any case, I consider the woman in this article to be an extreme version of a typical Chinese-born woman, and not something of an exception.

This woman, unattractive as she is, with very little English and not much else to distinguish her, is seeking the IMPOSSIBLY PERFECT husband, and she has left China to the USA to find him.

Her name is Luo Yufeng, or Fengjie, and she is a Chinese internet celebrity who left Shanghai in 2010 for America on a quest for a husband who meets her exacting standards.

He must have graduated from Yale or Harvard, or similar, have ambitions of world domination, cannot be Asian and preferably stands at 2m tall.

yes, you read correct. he cannot be Asian. Why? I don't know but this is not the first Chinese woman I have heard who has made that kind of statement.

Fengjie, 27, stands at just 1.3m but points out that she wears heels.Hmmmm?!

She came to national attention in China in 2009 when she started handing out flyers for an ideal husband.

She says she became the “hottest” star in China, known to 80 per cent of the population.

She claims she’s a political refugee but more likely had to do a runner when she made it known that none of the 300,000 Chinese men who she claims proposed marriage were good enough, or tall enough, for her.

Despite misgivings that she is a self-invented internet figment, she is real enough. As she stood near Wall St in New York for her photo opportunity, Chinese tourists stopped, pointed and began taking photos of her.

Chinese bloggers, who hate her, believe that she represents the worst of China to the world, and I suspect that they are spot on.

Fengjie and a group of her friends started handing out husband flyers at Manhattan subway stations last year.

She says she gets about three calls, texts or emails a day with offers of marriage.

No American man has so far made the cut. She says she works in a humble Brooklyn manicure salon, living in a tiny room, waiting for Mr Impossible.

“I am a very clever person,” she said through a translator.

Asked in what ways she was clever, she said: “I cannot give you the details.”

Asked what she offered her husband in return, she said: “I do not care. I do not consider that.”

This point alone underscores the attitude of this woman, and perhaps to a lesser extent the attitude of many Chinese born women, towards marriage. It seems to be a unilateral, one-sided exercise designed to raise her standing in the world, but she herself feels no responsibility to offer anything to her husband to be. It seems to be little more than emotional exploitation, at a grander scale.

She said she did not believe in sex before marriage but when asked whether she’d ever had sex before marriage, she blushed.

“My husband must be very clever and intelligent. He must have a willingness to be president of a nation, or own a very big business. I require my prospective husband to have graduated from a famous university.

“I myself am very good at politics.”

Asked to name the Australian prime minister, she could not.

Asked if she would consider an Australian husband, she said she would. But he would have to move to the US because she was in process of applying for refugee status.

But what if she just fell in love with a guy who had nothing? “I will not fall in love with a person like that,” she said.

“I will wait until I find that man.”


Aged between 25 and 31
About two metres tall (a bit shorter is acceptable)
Must have a master’s degree from Harvard, Yale, Stanford or West Point
Must NOT be Asian
Must have a house and car
Can never have been married, and no kids
Intends to rule the world


ChinaShopBull said...

Welcome to the world. It's full of women like this, and China is no special breeding ground for them. Sounds like most American women to me. The man has to be of higher status than the woman for her to truly consider accepting him as anything more than a temporary resting spot.

Monad said...

yes indeed ChinaShopBull. But what is fascinating(or boring) is that men have produced and invented technology that has made it possible for women to be free (how ironic). Women do not need men to provide for them, they make their own money.

But what of men? They are spending time trying to grovel for pussy, instead of standing up to the zeigist of society and claiming their masculinity.

Women want us to stand up and stand strong,, but we are lost. West, East, South, northern hemisphere. We must find something else other than our occupation to differentiate ourselves from women.

To start with, all we need is to non nonchalantly pay no attention to women and their supposed demands and just do our own thing.

Interestingly, if all men decide to stop producing towards society, we will revert to the dark ages. And the consequences of this is danger, risk and a difficult life just as our forefathers experienced.

Guess what women will be doing then? They will be finding the strongest and most provisionist man to help their progeny get to the next generation.

Monad said...

Sorry OP, I commented to ChinaShopBull before reading the article.

Women, as you have found out, are all the same, no matter where they come from. If you havent, look up "hypergamy" and "apex fallacy' to understand women's motives.

There is nothing wrong with this, but because women have a lot of power (sexual as well as political, social, just look up feminism), they have the upper hand.

For further info:


FuguSushi said...

Women are not all the same, and this particular woman made news BECAUSE she is being outrageous.

She's well hated in China and I suspect she's a narcissist. She has an overly grandiose view of herself. She says she has celebrity status in China when the fact is she is well known for being a complete bitch. She is hated in China. Men hate her and both men and women laugh at her because she's 1. unaccomplished, 2. unrefined, 3. ugly as sin. A lot of women in China believe they should have their selection of men because of the men to women ratio in China, and even with that environmental factor it is still widely agreed that Fengjie is being ridiculous and she will never get even a fraction of what she wants in men.

I'm deeply sorry for the trouble you're having with your wife. As a Chinese woman who married a Spaniard, I find the way your wife treats you repulsive. I understand this is only half of the story and her side of the story may be different, but I still find many things you described to be unacceptable. She should not have allowed her mother to move in with you. She should not have allowed her mother to treat you that way. She should think of you and your son first before considering other factors or other people's opinions.

It seems your wife (or ex-wife) is just a very self centered woman.

I am Chinese but I was raised in the Republic of China (Taiwan) where the one-child policy doesn't exist, so perhaps as a result I am not raised to only think for myself. Maybe it's not entirely her fault that she turned out this way.

I hope you are able to get custody of your son should you divorce.

Arya samaj said...
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Anonymous said...

I also married an Asian, after getting reeled in hook, line and sinker.

Their culture is based on me first mentality, after that it is me family and friends, and then me kids.

Sadly, most men that marry into an Asian culture are outside with the dog. In fact, even the dog got more attention than me.

In short, the most selfish, unreasonable, iniquitous and dishonorable woman I fell in and out of love with.

Anonymous said...

Guess what, the story is same here as well. I fell in love with a Chinese woman and believed to be the luckiest man alive, she would shower me with attention and smile and laugh... This was all during the time when we were dating, may be I was blinded by the fact that such a beautiful Chinese woman chose me and never paid attention to the fact that we always dined out, and she always chose the most expensive place to go, as I said I was blinded by her charm and beauty. So, the day finally came and I proposed and to my horror she indicated that she needs to see my bank accounts and brokerage statements as a condition to her accepting my offer. I reasoned that she is just an old fashion woman and wants to ensure that there will be financial stability in our home and our kids. I agreed and showed her all the documents. I still remember the smile on her face when she saw these documents. We got married and since then she has been asking me to have her family sponsored so her sister, mother and father can come over here, that I thought was reasonable and agreed. After almost two years, her family came over here and are living in our home for the past six years with no intent of moving out. I was trying to be decent and nice human being and a loyal husband trying to help wife's family out but it turns out that I end up supporting her family for the last six years, wish I knew what I was doing.

So in a nut shell, stay away from these Chinese woman. Trust me, I know what I am talking from my own experience and several other folks I have known, similar fate - crash and burn.

Anonymous said...

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