Sunday, November 08, 2009

Bedtime Chatter

Well, after an enjoyable Saturday evening out with friends at a restaurant, we got home, put our young one to sleep, had a quick shower and got ready for bed.

After seeing all those provocatively dressed women all night long, I was in a somewhat frisky mood. It was Saturday night after all, the only night of the week where we didn't have to worry about getting up early the following morning.

Ms B finished her shower, came into the bedroom, and dropped the towel she had on to the floor. It seems she was feeling naughty tonight as well.

There she stood, my Chinese wife, in all her naked splendor. A gorgeous heart shaped bottom, lovely curvacious thighs, pristine porcelain white skin and shiny long black hair.

She jumped on the bed and lay beside me. I started to stroke her body gently, then without even giving it a thought, I whispered in her ear, "Talk dirty to me!"

She looked at me in a puzzled way, probably wondering why I wanted her to talk dirty to me when I was about to get the real thing.

However, the poor thing took a deep breath and whispered the words.

"Honey, do you want to have sex with me?"

I put a big smile on my face, said "Yes, of course", then asked her to talk dirty to me again.

Ms B then responded, "Didn't I already speak dirty to you? Didn't I say the 'sex' word?"

Well, it was not quite the 'dirty' I was looking for, but I didn't want to spoil her mood, and was thankful for her effort.

We spent the next few hours in bed, just she and I, enjoying ourselves the way nature intended. It was a great night for both of us.

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Anonymous said...

You lucky bugger

What do you like/dislike most about Chinese women?