Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Admiration of my Chinese wife

We had guests over on Saturday night for dinner.

They were a married couple in their 50s.

They migrated from China over 20 years ago and have become very successful in business.

When talking to them, one can undersand why they have become so successful. They are both well informed, intelligent and articulate people, who had something interesting to say about most topics.

As far as their cultural perspective goes, they were very progressive and open minded people, so it seems that they managed to adopt the best that Australia had to offer, while still holding on to the best that the Chinese culture had to offer.

During the night however, it was obvious that they preferred talking to me. This was despite knowing Ms B and her mother since the time they were back in China. My poor wife unfortunately has limited topics of interest, mostly revolving around wealth accumulation and the stock market, and usually sits on the sidelines when other topics are discussed.

My conversations with our guests that night spanned many topics, from politics, to history, to morality, to children, and to China and its current issues.

It was a very satisfying dinner and the discussions we had made it a memorable night for me, but also for our guests.

As the night neared the end, the guests made it a point to emphasise to Ms B and to her mother how impressed they were with my accomplishements and my broad knowledge of the world.

This should not be a suprise to most, given that I am a specialist consultant in the medical field, but the guests seemed suprised that I had in depth knowledge about most topics, including China.

Although such compliments to me have never resonated, it does mean a lot to Ms B.

Well that night, after Ms B and I retired to bed, I got to see a part of Ms B that I had never seen before. Her sexual appetite was insatiable, and her sexual responsiveness was to die for. And all the while she kept making references to the compliments I had received that night on my intellect. It clearly left an impression on her.

This episode of course got me thinking as to the nexus between her sexuality and the value she places on other's judgment of me. This of course is counter-intuitive to most men, especially Western men, given that or sexual attraction is based on our personal physical and emotional appraisal of our partner.

Well, right now in my life I am on a career upswing, and expect this to continue for a while. So I expect Ms B to be exposed to even more admiration for my achievements, which will evidently bode well for our relationship.

But in the back of my mind, I am asking whether she is simply attracted to me, the man, or to the accomplishment alone. If so, who would I lean on should I faulter one day?


Anonymous said...

brother. I have read a few of your posts and it looks like the question in Bold is one you may have to answer one day for yourself. I dont know Ms. B and I probably never will, but if you went broke or something ... the way you describe her it seems like she is down with you because of what you are, not who you are. what can always change my man. best sit down and try and talk to your lady. and if talking doesnt help, remember, lotsa lotsa ladies out there. i know i'm stirring up some ish, but you leave it out there in pretty much every post.

Anonymous said...

Anon is right, bro. I've just read a bunch of these entries, and I've noticed the same kind of things that he's said better than I have.

But it also seems, at least at first, that you are sort of applying those same kinds of views to her, as well. At face value, your blog illustrates your wife as being foreign and attractive. Your tags even include the word sexy. It's as though you're catering to a fetishist crowd.

tl;dr Do you like your wife because of her personality traits, or because she's a stereotypical "hot chinese wife" or is it because of who she is as a person?

Anonymous said...

She's got narcissistic personality disorder and you provided her fix of narcissistic supply. It's not that uncommon.

What do you like/dislike most about Chinese women?