Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Learning to play piano

Okay, so Ms B has this obsession with our son learning to play piano.

When she first suggested it, I was reluctant, but she was adamant. I was concerned that our child had too many activities on his plate as it were, so this may have been too much.

Ms B however would argue that other kids could cope, so why not our son.


Well, I agreed, albeit reluctantly.

Since our son has started learning, I have heard Ms B telling all and sundry how much he loves the piano, and on the one ocassion that he missed his piano lesson, according to Ms B he cried he was so upset.

Well yes, he did cry, as I was there, but it was not because he missed his piano lesson. It was because he lost his favourite stone.

Yes, a stone! A stone which he kept in his pocket for days and which he called his "moon rock". He found it and believed that it fell to earth from the moon. So so cute! But it went missing and he was very very upset....for about 5 minutes.

Anyway, it seems that Ms B is so caught up with our son learning to play piano, that she does not pick up on his strong hints that he would rather be doing something else.

I am convinced that Ms B believes that our son genuinely loves playing piano, but when alone, my son tells me otherwise.

For now however, I leave things as they are. Learning piano may very well have neurological benefits for our son's development, given his age, so like it or not, it may be a good thing for him.

But in a few years time, we will need to re-evaluate.

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