Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Western women and Chinese men

Why so few western women with chinese men?

Is it because western women are racist?

Or is it perhaps because chinese men are racist?

Or maybe just something less sinister, like opportunity or cultural obstacles?

In short, I don't know the answer, but even though it is now common place to see a western man with a chinese wife, it is a rare sight indeed to see a chinese man with a white/western wife.

This does in fact concen me somewhat. My son, although not Chinese, does have some recognisable asian features. I would hope however that when he grows up that his choice in women is not limited by something like his racial features.

I would hope, as I had been lucky enough, for my son to be accepted by women no matter their race, and no matter his.


Anonymous said...

I married a Chinese woman almost 20 years ago, and back then it was not as common as it is now.

Although more chinese women are marrying aussie men, aussie women have still to take to Chines men.

This is a very obvious anomaly for those of us within the inter racal communitys.

Faye said...

Well I suppose Chinese people no longer live within a strict and ultra conservative culture, hence their women are more free to venture out and explore relationships which aren't limited to just purely Chinese.

Just the same with most cultures men have always been free to explore their sexual desires and experiment freely without consequence unlike women, hence if something isn't as forbidden it becomes cheap, unlikeable.

I have many Chinese male friends who have explored many different races and finally settled for Chinese girls simply because they had 'sown their wild oats' - crude as it sounds.

I also know a Chinese men married to white women, these tend to be more solid relationships based on love as opposed to White men - Chinese woman relationships which can vary between 'transaction', 'fling', 'novelty' and 'love'.

I suppose white women, having more freedom to explore and not being tied down to tradition as much as Asian women suffer the same reason as Chinese men - the lack of the forbidden element makes it less 'appetising'.

Not to mention Asian men tend to be rather conservative and in general find Western women promiscuous and too 'male-like'.

One of my Aussie friends told me - Aussie girls act like men.

Loud, rude, crude, over-sexualised and very emotional - its hard enough sifting through those for a lady, now you have to see if she is suitable as a wife. I.e. Educated, intellectual, similar interests, etc.

For Asian men brought up to value femininity, grace and relationships being more than just sex, it is hard to like something so opposite unless he is a rebel or it is a case of genuine love.

Not to mention the running joke amongst my Aussie colleagues that their women here probably has got more testosterone than Asian guys.

You can take it both ways but it is quite funny as it bags both the women AND the Asian men. :)

You've got to love crude Aussie humour. Beats slapstick American or 'something-stuck-up-your-arse' black humour of the British.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Or maybe you moron, its because Asian women are racist and will choose to only breed with whites.

What do you like/dislike most about Chinese women?