Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Its a Sport thing

I realised early on in my relationship that Ms B had absolutely no interest in Sport.

She does not follow it, she does not play it, she simply has no interest in it.

I remember asking her to attend a Rugby league State of Origin game many years ago, and after reluctantly agreeing, she wanted to leave at half time, because it was "too loud." The fact that it was a remarkably exciting game escaped her. We did stay however and witnessed an amazing last minute victory by Queensland.

This evening I was looking forward to attending a boxing match between Australia's very own Danny Green, a great boxer who was the underdog, against a man who is widely regarded as the best boxer, pound for pound ever, Roy Jones Jr.

Well, try as I may to get some of Ms B's male Chinese acquaintances to tag along, it was a no go. I simply went with my mates and although it was a very short match, it was well worth it.

Danny Green beat Roy Jones Jnr inside the first round. Spectacular stuff!

While driving back home I called Ms B to let her know that I was on my way, and I just happened to mention that the Australian boxer, Danny Green, the man I (and most of Australia) was supporting, had won in spectacular style.

Ms B's response to me was: "Did you win any money?"

I said "No."

Then Ms B said, "So why do you care who won?"

Well, its just sport, and sometimes its just about enjoying the competition, but I guess this is a male thing, so I just told her that I should be home soon.

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